Sticking Out

This morning as I stumbled around at 4:00 a.m. (sleep currently eludes me), I unintentionally kicked a box of my sweet child’s crayons.  Thinking I had thus cleared a hurdle I continued on to my destination, thinking I would right the wrong on my way back.  But as I took a step, I kicked the box again.  Now this seemed to me to quite odd as the box was small and should have been kicked out of my way.  So this time I looked down and saw that stuck in the fold of the box was a ruler.  Apparently, the first time I kicked the box, the second time the ruler.  So now several thoughts are running through my head.  One, I should have taken care of the problem immediately.  Instead of waiting to fix the problem later, if I had picked the box up I would have saved my foot one less pain and the box one less kick.  Seems to me I do this often in life: I’ll deal with that problem later.  And the longer it takes the bigger the problem becomes.
Second, if we continue to stick ourselves out there, there will be some getting kicked around.  The ruler stuck into the box gave the box not only a much higher chance of being kicked, but also of being kicked multiple times.  My first reaction, naturally, was to take out the ruler.  Then hide the box away and it won’t get kicked.  But then as I am wont to do, especially in the early hours of the day, it became symbolic.  Yes, when we lay ourselves out there, we may get kicked.  And while this is bad for a box of crayons – which, yes, I did pick up! – it is not always bad for us as people.  Sometimes, being kicked can get us out of our fog and get us up  and ready to go.  Sometimes, being kicked can get our feelings hurt, but also reveal some of the “rulers” we have sticking out that make us easy targets.  Like anger, resentment, negativity, etc.  And thus remind us, maybe we ought to rein it in a bit.  I don’t know anyone who likes to hang around people with these kind of “rulers” so prominently sticking out.  And don’t for a moment think I’m preaching: I’m speaking straight from personal experience and reflecting on me, not anyone else.
Third, sometimes we stick ourselves out there for good reasons.  Friendship, love, belief, etc.  And we will get kicked.  Not every attempt we make at these things will be received positively.  But kicked or not my sleepy, mushy mind believes that it is worth it every time.  Even if it shakes us up a little, if we get some nicks and cuts, ultimately sticking ourselves out for others or for relationships that will bring joy is worth the price.
I know, I talk (write) too much.  But I have learned three other things: 1.  I should probably not write when I am so sleepy that I can barely put a coherent thought together! 2. I watch too much SportsCenter – I spelled nicks – knicks.  3. People are talking way too much about the Knicks.  If I am going to have basketball on the brain I want it to be Wildcat basketball!!


2 thoughts on “Sticking Out

  1. I LOVE this!! Forever all I tried to do was to not make waves so I wouldn't get “kicked”. But just like you said, sometimes you have to put yourself out there. And the rewards of taking that risk are overwhelming. Thanks for such great thoughts this morning!! Looking forward to many more! ~Donlyn


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