Alone used to seem like a blessed word.  When I stayed at home with our two children, alone time was scarce.  I truly was that mom who sought refuge in the bathroom.  Who knew?  Alone time was something to cherish.  Some time when I could think a little clearer, breathe a little deeper, and just be quiet.

Now together truly is better.  The kids have grown up.  Instead of short people running around the house, begging for my attention, I have a teenager and an almost teenager who almost have to be bribed to come together with us.  Now, I treasure those together moments.  As I think back to how quickly they have grown up, I become quite aware of how quickly they will be gone.  So I’ll take as much together time as I can get with my family.  As long as I still get have some of that quiet time I used to find only in the bathroom.

Together also has other implications.  It implies that someone else is with you.  And my heart wants to believe that they together also implies that they want to be with you.  To help you.  To walk with you.  To guide you if necessary.  Most certainly to encourage you and help you bear the weight of whatever comes at you.

Together has become a precious word to me these days.  A word that whispers of promises, laughter, and memories.


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