Five Minute Friday – Visit

On Fridays we write together. On one shared prompt. And we take comfort in each others’ words. Familiar and different at the same time. If this is your first time – click here for how to join us. You’re so very welcome.


God calls us to fellowship together.  As with all God asks or commands, there is good reason for it.  When we visit, when we come together and enjoy each other, we are refreshed.  We are able to share that which causes us joy and pain, and allow someone else to share in it.  It reminds us that we are not alone.  That there are others who have the same feelings, the same highs and lows.  We celebrate together, which multiplies the joy.  We suffer together, which eases the pain.  We talk, we laugh, we cry, we connect.  If we allow ourselves to truly enjoy the people with whom we visit, and allow our hearts and minds to be open, we will receive a blessing.


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