Five Minute Friday – Hero

Five Minute Friday. My favorite link up. Where writers from all over the world come together to share our thoughts on the same topic and then encourage and support each other. Join us at Today’s word: Hero.

Heroes love. Heroes are brave. Heroes put others above themselves. Heroes so often go unnoticed. My heroes come in many forms. The soldier and his/her family who make so many sacrifices to help ensure the safety of others. Men and women who fight fires and crime, and sickness. Unbelievable courage and selflessness. The child or teenager who goes to school every day and puts up with a bully, or bullies, but still gets up and goes. The child who is willing to tell an adult that such behavior is taking place. The adult who sits at a nursing home watching there parent slowly lose the fight with dementia. The student who fails test after test, but keeps studying, keeps learning, keeps trying. Any person of any age who fights an illness that keeps fighting back. These are mighty acts of heroism.


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