Five Minute Friday – Nothing

Nothing. Absolutely nothing is worth the energy and effort and emotion that worrying requires. Nothing. Nothing in the history of the world has ever been positively changed by worrying. Nothing. Ever. Thinking through things logically, yes. That has changed minds, held tongues, and given rise to some of the most beautiful stories, poetry and art ever created. But worry, no. Worry is thinking about things we either can’t or won’t change. Worry is obsessing over what might happen. Worry is brooding. Worry doesn’t involve action, or faith, or hope. Worry creates sadness and hopelessness. Worry causes our blood pressure to rise and our muscles to tense. Nothing good comes from worry. Now if I can only remember the truth of that when I start thinking of all the things I think are worth worrying about.


6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Nothing

  1. The HOW is the hard part. But I have a start. Knowing and admitting I'm worrying is the first step. Then I find a promise in the Bible that has do with my concern. And I repeat it, over and over and over again. I write it down, tape it where I'll see it, put a copy of it in my work bag, and in my desk. Anywhere where I'll be reminded of the truth. And I pray. A lot. Eyes closed, eyes open, brief phrases, long tirades, words shouted out when I don't know what else to do. But I do everything I can to give it back to God. Some people say that can be an everyday process. With me, it's more like every hour – sometimes, every minute. But it works.


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