Five Minute Friday – Messenger

Messenger: one who brings a message.

Messages can be life altering.

They can bring hope and joy or devastation and sadness. Messages can be small and simple.  They can bring a smile to a face or tears to eyes.  Last night, as I read a message from a friend, I was reminded of how powerfully good human beings can be to each other.  In this instance, people came together and decided to be messengers. Spreading the message that one of their own needed help.  They spread it loud and clear. Their message was heard and received and in just over 48 hours the need of their friend was met in abundance.  It made me think that we all are really messengers.  And we choose to either bring more joy or more sadness.  More smiles or more anger.  The world would be changed if we all chose to share good messages.  If we made it our goal, our job, to inform the world that there is hope, there is a God who loves us, there is beauty, and there is good.


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Messenger

  1. This, Kelli: “It made me think that we are all really messengers. And we choose to either bring more joy or more sadness. More smiles or more anger.” Such a simple, powerful choice we're faced with a thousand times a day. May we learn to recognize it in the moment and choose life and hope and grace. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.


  2. Well-said! Joyce Landorf in her book Balcony People talks of those who are in the balconies cheering us on, uplifting us, and then there are the basement people who want to pull us down into misery. We all have the potential to be either; I really strive to be a balcony person.


  3. Sometimes it's hard to remember that everything I say and do brings a message to those around me- both good and bad. Wouldn't the world be so awesome if we'd all strive to deliver the good messages more than the bad?!?
    Happy FMF Day 🙂


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