Five Minute Friday – Finish

Finish is far too much like saying goodbye.  Maybe that is why I struggle to finish things.  I tell people I’m the idea person.  I have all sorts of great ideas. I have started some amazing projects.  Finished, not so much. Part of the problem is that I am never satisfied with the product.  Which is why Five Minute Friday is so liberating.  I have to finish.  I have to let it go.  It is a blessing.


3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Finish

  1. Yes! It's a great gift to ourselves to let things be incomplete, and imperfect. I totally agree finishing is very much like a 'goodbye' or even a 'bereavement'. There's no adding to it or changing it… and as creative people we sometimes feel a compulsion to keep 'fiddling' or 'improving' it… letting go and putting the pen/brushes/needles down is the hardest part. It's true – and astonishing – that God loves us, as we are, imperfect as we are. Perfect acceptance.


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