Truths That Rocked My World Yesterday

  1. Sharp edges of furniture are very painful. Especially when you hit them with your head. I don’t recommend it.
  2. The team of teachers that I am blessed to work with are nothing short of superheroes. If you have ever altered your plans at the very last minute, added between 6 and 12 extra students to your already full classroom, on the day before a break begins, with no time to prep, then you have an idea. If not, just trust me – it is a feat worthy of the title superhero.
  3. Working with people who care about you and your family is a job perk that is incomparable. No amount of money could possibly compete. Though I doubt anyone would argue if we had both.
  4. The students that I have the honor of teaching, and the adults that take care of them, make this world a better place, in so very many ways.
  5. Nurses who are kind and funny and responsive and knowledgeable and just nice, have superpowers of their own. When you are scared and in pain and confused, they make you feel safe and comfortable and hopeful.
  6. Having someone to hold your hand, drop everything to take care of you, and love on you, is a precious gift to be treasured. Insert whatever sappy, mushy, thought you can think of here, they all work.
  7. The sound of Mom and Dad’s voices makes everything a little better. No, a lot better.
  8. I am abundantly blessed. Over the top, ridiculously, blessed.

Summary: heads and sharp edges are not a good combination, be in awe of the staff at White Mountain Elementary School, thank teachers and nurses every chance you get, if you see any of my kiddos or their families, give them a high five (they deserve it), value those people who love you and take care of you, call the people you love and enjoy their voices, and count your blessings.


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