I Love New

I love new. New years, new books, new purses, new crayons, new chances. I love the prospect that this time could be better and brighter. Happier and fuller. I love the idea that maybe the best really is yet to come and that quite possibly I am embarking on just that journey.

Yes, I  am keenly aware of the opposite end of the spectrum. I have a deep understanding of failure and grief and darkness. So it is not in denial of those realities that I choose to embrace hope. It is because my hope is in a Savior that works in the ultimate good. Who promises that in the end, it will all matter, it will all work for good, and there will be no tears. He promises that in this life there will be joy and love and light. I have clung to that and He has been shown faithful.

Knowing this, I choose to be excited about all that may happen during this next year. This next season. The dates don’t particularly matter, but renewal does. We all need and deserve renewal. A fresh slate,a new plan, more energy. I have learned that this renewal doesn’t just come. It has to be sought. And claimed. So take some time, find some quiet, do something that brings you joy and search for that peace, that renewal. And then enjoy. Life won’t be perfect – but it can be good.


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