Five Minute Friday – Send

Linking up with Kate Motaung and Five Minute Friday.  Where writers are able to write for five minutes, from the heart, on the same prompt.  No editing, no over-thinking, just writing.  Friday’s prompt – Send.

Like farmers in the midst of a terrible drought, we cry out to God to send us grace, send us mercy, send us love, send us peace.  We groan from the weight of the grief, of the stress, even of the mundane.  We need refreshment.  We need strength and joy and hope.  The good news is that He will provide everything we need.  But not always in the ways that we think or expect.  Sometimes, we have to look for the joy, sometimes we have to give grace and mercy to receive it, sometimes we have to take the time to refresh ourselves.  When we really stop and take the time to invest in other people, to look for the good in the world, we will find little pockets of beauty and joy.  We will receive back in the measure that we have given.  It’s really a beautiful design – give and get.  Hard sometimes, but most certainly worth the effort.  

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Send

  1. Yes, right Kelli–giving mercy is part of the deal. We can't expect to receive mercy from others if we ourselves have not been merciful. Tough lesson of the Christian life. {A blogging friend stopping by from FMF!}


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