Five Minute Friday – Share

     Five Minute Friday is five minutes of writing straight from your heart.  I preface with that by way of explanation.  Should you choose to read what follows, understand that it is my heart laid out in words.  I am fully aware that there are many who will not only disagree with me, but disapprove of sharing.  Please, just understand that I am putting my truth out there as clearly as I know how, that this is the deepest part of my heart and soul.  I share as a way of explanation, in the hopes that some might understand where I’m coming from and why.  
     I love Jesus.  My saying that, or anything related to that is not meant to shame anyone, belittle anyone, convince anyone, or harass anyone.  It is just the truth.  And for me, it is the most important truth.  And the why is the most essential part of the whole thing, and the reason I keep blabbing about it.  I realize that religion and faith and Jesus stir up crazy, powerful emotions.  That’s not what I’m talking about.  If we can, let’s look at this rationally.  If I truly care about another human being then it is logical and rational to think that I would want to share what is most important to me with that person.  Again, if I care about a person, it is logical and rational that I would want them to know and be a part of what brings me joy most especially, if I truly believed that it would bring them joy.  Therefore, if I truly believe that Jesus literally has the power to get people into Heaven, and if I truly believe that He is the only way to get to Heaven, it is logical and rational that I would feel compelled to share that with the people I love.  Please hear me clearly, I am not arguing about how valid my beliefs are, or whether you agree.  What I am saying is that if I am willing to share my favorite restaurants, my favorite stores, my favorite movies with you, why would I not share with you that which I believe is the key to all things good?  If I claim to care about you, but keep from you the one thing I think will determine your eternity, than I am either a liar or inherently cruel.  One more thing, the fact that I think you need a Savior does not and never has meant that I think you are somehow worse than me.  It does not mean that I believe you don’t deserve to go to Heaven.  It means that I believe that every single person, eve, other than Jesus, needs a Savior.  Most certainly, me.  My wanting you to know Jesus has never, ever been about judging you.  Yes, there are people who are all about the judgment and the anger.  That’s not me.  I just think that I have the most wonderful gift ever, and I want to share it.  That’s it, period.

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