The 4500

Last week, I got a rejection letter.  A kind, gracious, funny letter that explained that 5000 people had applied for 500 positions and I was one of the 4500.  So bummed.  I had applied to be a part of Jen Hatmaker’s launch team.  Jen is an author and has a book called, For the Love, coming out in August.  I desperately wanted to read it early and be a part of her team.  Disappointment flooded over me.  Until I re-read the letter.  First, as a bonus, the 4500 received four chapters of the upcoming book.  Four chapters is a pretty good consolation prize.  Second, the letter was encouraging and even uplifting.  In fact, it made me smile.  I was touched that this author would take the time and energy to make us feel like we were important to her.  Ignoring the fact that it was 10:40 and I should be going to sleep, I decided to try and send her a shout out on Twitter.  While tweets are not really my thing – 140 characters is almost never enough for me to share my thoughts – it is also the easiest way to connect with someone.  So, I tweeted.  Twitter then showed me the latest tweets that others had made that had a connection to my tweet.  Several women were tweeting about their similar feelings – and getting a response from our beloved Jen!  Megan Card, Megan Hall, Katie Curry, and Rosemond Cates were cracking me up.  Wanting to be a part of this group – I joined in.  I was more than a little giddy when they included me in their little group of awesome.  I was stunned when Jen Hatmaker included me in a tweet.  The whole thing pretty much rocked my world.

My world continues to be rocked every single day.  The 4500 has turned into a whole thing.  A hashtag bearing, Facebook group creating, thing.  And it has been phenomenal.  Every day I meet more women who are authentic and brave and strong.  I have met people who think just like me and people who think drastically different from me – and they are all working towards making this world a better place.  I am so unbelievably honored to be one of #The4500.  Oh, and the book – LOVE IT!  Hysterically funny, thought provoking, and important.  Jen Hatmaker addresses topics from fashion disasters to the importance of being around people who get you and care about you.  She discusses the craziness of back to school and writes an open, candid letter to churches.  I will warn you – do not try and read For the Love while someone in the room is trying to sleep.  The laughing kinda keeps them awake.