Come quickly Sunday

Sunday is coming.  This is truth.  A beautiful, life giving, hope sustaining truth.  Friday and Saturday are long, though.  So very long and hard.  The time between that which breaks your heart and leaves you undone and when healing touches you is almost unbearable.  When I think of Jesus saying, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me”, I know that He gets it.  No pain could be more raw, more desperate than the Son of God being ripped apart from His Father.  He knows and understand loneliness, disappointment, poverty, and betrayal.  He wants to walk with you through yours.  He wants to love you, and guide you, and comfort you.  That’s why He was willing to suffer in the first place.  He is not shaming you because you aren’t over it yet.  Saturday teaches us that it takes time.  He is not blaming you for your contribution to your pain – He ushered the convicted thief into paradise.  He does not abandon you because you doubt.  His own disciple doubted and He willingly showed Thomas the wounds in His hands.  He just wants to love on you.  He quite literally knows the way out of Hell.  He wants you to make until Sunday.  Sunday, come quickly!  

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