Fighting Forgiveness

     First Thoughts on Fighting Forgiveness
     When we choose to publicly decimate another person’s character with our insidious words and veiled threats we are revealing much more about our hearts than the about the person for whom our words are meant.  When our words are designed solely to wound and harm another, we can always be assured that they are not only inappropriate but representative of the dark nature of our own hearts. 
     Ugly and cruel words spouted off at another in the heat of a hurtful and passion filled moment show the impact and depth of the wound inflicted.  When these same words are carefully thought out and planned it shows simply that we have allowed our initial hurt to damage us far more than it actually had the power to on its own.  It is a direct reflection of us rather than the person who was initially in the wrong. 
     Not only does forgiveness free us from the weight of bitterness and pain, it is commanded by our God.  Choosing to continue to lash out at those who have hurt us shows that we are unwilling to follow our God and His desires.  Furthermore, it demonstrates that have forgotten the magnitude of the grace He extended to us while we were yet entirely undeserving. 

     Never would I attempt to proclaim that forgiveness is easy or that we allow abuse to continue in any form.  What is true however, is that our refusal to do so hurts us, our relationships with other people in our lives, and most importantly it hinders our relationship with our Father.  Those reasons make not only forgiveness, but moving past hurts, important enough that I want to work at it intentionally.  I want my words and actions to suggest that I am making every effort to be the person I was called to be rather than simply punishing those I feel are not making the same effort.  

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