Journey to Heal: A Book Review

The title alone grabbed my attention: Journey to Heal: Seven Essential Steps for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. It was a journey I knew I needed to walk at least one more time. While much healing has occurred over the years, healing from such traumatic events is like peeling back layers. Each time a new layer is revealed, it is necessary to continue to heal all the broken places. I knew there were still more broken places.

So I asked to be on the launch team. All the time wondering if the book would be a repeat of all the things I already knew. I wondered if it was possible to approach such a topic with honesty but also grace, with authenticity but also wholeness. From the first page, I was moved. Crystal does not write from a victim’s stance – but from her seat as a victor. She is real, and honest, and spot on. She talks of actual healing that is available when we seek it and seek God. She says words that have formed in my head but never gotten to my heart. She empowers, she gives courage, and she gives hope.

Written as a book, and a workbook, Crystal provides steps and questions that guide the reader into healing. She shares enough of her story that survivors know they are understood. One of my favorite quotes comes from an introduction of sorts, “My story doesn’t end in abuse and brokenness, and neither does yours.” Her questions allowed me to work through the thoughts and emotions I was going through in a positive way. This book made healing all the layers possible. It gave me concrete ways to work through all the feels. Every person I have spoken to, who has read this book, had a similar experience. This book just speaks to the hearts and souls of those who have been abused.


I have recommended a lot of books over the past year. I am not only recommending this book, I am begging anyone who has been sexually abused, loves someone who has been abused, or works with people who have been abused, to have your own copy of this book. It is crucial, it is is vital, to healing and to understanding.

Journey to Heal can be purchased at:



Barnes & Noble

Find more information about Crystal at is

Find more information about the book at

Finally, there will be a Bible Study, led by Crystal, starting on June 1st. I am so very excited about this opportunity!




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